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firml negotiating rights last u.s. partner saying it will be used as political campaign. parliament's approval of the support for fukushima daiichi plant in japan. >>> public support for nuclear energy in demonstrators held their latest post-fukushima protest aimed at pressuring the government to rally was 2011 disaster. >> reporter: they brave heat and humidity to come out in historic numbers. these protesters in tokyo are demand thousands of people are here to say no power. >> translator: nuclear power is too dangerous humans inred explosio is still otest after protest urging the government to stop using atomice and academy award winning musician. they told the crowd life and health are much more important than economic people came out today to lis their own government stop restarting nuclear plants and decommission them. things. when i think about my child and other children in fukushima, i cannot help butt shame for all japanese if another nuclear accident happens again. really angry. this is terrible politics that politicians play. >> reporter: government
.n. security council after russia and china, again, exercised their veto power. the u.s. ambassador t tthe united nations says russia and china are protecting the syrian president and that thousands of civilians uld die as a result. susan rice spoke after the russian and chinese representatives at u.n. security council vetoed the latest resolution on the conflict in syria. the draft would have permitted nonmilitary sanctions if president assad's government refused to stop using heavy artillery within ten days and the resolution called for a 45-day extension of the u.n. cease-fire observers mission. the current term expires on friday. it's a third time russia and china have vetoed u.n. resolutions on syria. >> the security council has failed utterly. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad and allow -- >> western nations are expected to try to dlaft another resolution to extend the mission of the u.n. cease-fire observers. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon regrets the securi
>> welcome to the "journal." >> welcome. >> here is what we have coming up. >> u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner comes to germany to talk about the european crisis. >> no ending to the fighting in of 0h. france calls for an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council. >> it trial begins in moscow. a fight between the president and an all-female punk band. >> well, it is usually a playground for germany's rich and famous, but today it was the scene of high end diplomacy in the eurozone debt crisis. >> the u.s. treasury secretary swept into the north sea island to see his german counterpart wolfgang scheuble who is on vacation there. >> the markets are hoping that a game-changer in the crisis could be on the way. that is after mario draghi promised last week to do all it takes to stabilize the euro. >> germany's finance minister cannot of charlie's get the debt crisis during his summer break. u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner called on wolfgang short life ensued, to urge germany to work together with other eurozone states to resolve the crisis and boost confidence
detention facilities across syria, saying they are being used to hold in government crackdowns since pro-democracy protests started last year. >> the group said it had carried out more than 200 interviews with former detainees, military, and intelligence. almost all of them said the either experienced or witnessed torture. data powerful footage has captured what is said to be the syrian government's deadly shelling of residential areas. a new report details atrocities being committed away from the eyes of the world. >> the syrian authority is running a network of torture centers, a network of torture chambers scattered across syria. the widespread and systematic nature of this network makes it clear that it constitutes a crime against humanity. >> human rights watch interviewed more than 200 former prisoners who told of their experiences in regime torture chambers. >> when we were detained in the military intelligence prison, they hung us by our arms with our bodies suspended in the air. then they beat and taunted us. they put a metal device with a for your prongs' between your legs to c
troops leave. afghan president hamid karzai, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon will be among those attending the meeting on sunday. japanese officials are trying to negotiate a total package of $15 billion by 2015. the amount is expected to meet a request president karzai made. he wants the money for reconstruction and development after nato troops leave his country in 2014. >>> an afghan minister outlined where some of that funding will go in a speech ahead of sunday's meeting. wais barmak says continued international support is needed to revive his country's rural areas. barmak is the minister for rural rehabilitation and development. he made his appeal friday at a symposium in tokyo. >> major challenges remain. residual conflict continues to delay and destruct development, growth and peace building. >> barmak says access to drinking water and medical services has improved in some villages, but he insists $125 million will be necessary for the next three years to build water supply systems and schools. barmak adds if the afghan people were
hub. the use of heavy weapons there has already taken its toll. >> the fight for control of aleppo has raged for nearly a week, and both sides are preparing for what could be a decisive battle. still, demonstrators defied the danger, filling the streets to voice their hatred of the assad regime and to show their increasing disregard for the powers that be. opposition forces have reportedly seized a number of districts in the city. the rebel flag now flies over a government building, and rebel forces are preparing themselves for the battle to come. the assad regime is reportedly ready in an offensive. the u.s. state department is voicing concern, fearing an all- out massacre may be imminent. >> this is another desperate attempt by a regime that is going down to try to maintain control, and we are greatly concerned about what they are capable of in aleppo. >> washington says its intelligence indicates the syrian government is using warplanes and attack helicopters to target rebel positions in aleppo. the international red cross has pulled many of its emergency personnel out of the region
held a press conference pushing for strict regulations. >> translator: it is difficult for us to control regional conflicts in which small weapons are used. we in japan must create an environment in which we can contribute to peace-building. >> reporter: but the key players are big weapon producers such as the united states. the u.s. is the world's biggest weapons exporter, accounting for one-third of the total value of global arms shipment. washington initially opposed the treaty. but president obama reversed that position. his administration is not so forthcoming on some of the scope of the treaty, though, such as small arms or ammunition. guns are very popular in the u.s. a new poll indicates more than 40% of american households own a gun. some lawmakers resist any international law that might, in their view, infringe american people's constitutional right to arm themselves. the u.s. is also the biggest exporter of ammunition and produces over seven billion rounds a year. the country has resisted the proposed inclusion of ammunition in the scope of the treaty on the ground
when former u.s. president jimmy carter visited the north in 1994. analysts also suggest north korean authorities are hoping that by polishing the image of the young kim as a married man, they'll defuse concerns about the new leader's inexperience. >>> investors seem to be showing more confidence in the euro. ai uchida joins us from the business team, good morning. what's happening this morning? >> good morning, catherine. investors have their hopes pinned on the european central bank, because the president of the ecb expressed his resolve to safeguard the euro. mario draghi's remarks lifted the currency's value and boosted share prices. >> the ecb is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. and believe me, it will be enough. >> draghi was speaking at a conference in london. he also commented on the high borrowing costs of some national bonds. he suggested the bank will take action if necessary. market players took his comments to mean that the ecb will buy spanish government bonds as well as bonds of other financially troubled nations. >>> as a result the euro rallied agai
over the next few years. >> translator: the government will try to use new sources of revenue. this is necessary to revive the french economy. >> auditors warned this week that the government must implement spending cuts to meet its reduction target. >>> investors are wall street are wrapping up their day ready to take time for independence day. but they've got more than a holiday to celebrate. ai uchida is here to fill us in. what's the news? >> we're seeing gains on global markets. extended gains for a third straight day due to more optimism following the eu summit meeting last week. u.s. stock prices also rose on factory orders with the dow jones industrial average climbing to a two-month high ending over half a percent higher at 12,943. for more we go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. so the u.s. markets wrapping up the day in the positive ahead of the fourth of july public holiday. >> yes, indeed, ai. markets in the u.s. taking good cheer out of the factories order data that came out. also positives from the u.s. european markets. let's see how all of that i
activist there says the rebels destroyed seven of them. the activist says the free syrian army is using guerrilla tactics in the fight. government forces have retaliated with repeated attacks on opposition positions. state television reports the government side has pushed the opposition side back close to the border with turkey. government pilots have dropped bombs on densely populated areas where opposition forces have fled. civilian casualties are expected to rise. >>> united nations officials have withdrawn half of their observers from syria. about 140 monitor also remain on the ground. >> we have to hope that the whole process gains traction, that the vicious circle of violence can cease. >> he cited syria's deteriorating security as the key factor in the decision. still he said those who remain will continue with their work. u.n. security council members voted last week to extend the mission by 30 days, but the monitors have been forced to suspend most of their patrols since mid-june after syria entered a state of civil war. >>> turkey's government has met to discuss neighboring sy
accused of conducting a shooting spree in a u.s. movie theater. james holmes faces 142 charges, including murder, attempted murder, and possession of explosives. he is suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 in aurora, colorado earlier this month. holmes spoke just once in monday's court appearance. he said, yes, when the judge asked if he understood the charges. the kies case is likely to hing his mental state at the time of the shooting. he was facing psychiatric treatment before the crimes. prosecutors will consult victims' families before deciding whether to demand the death penalty. lawyers for the world's two leading tech companies are going head-to-head over patents. ai joins us from the business team. ai, we are hearing about this yet again. >> yet again indeed and roots run deep on this one, catherine. number one and number two makers of smart phones around the world. and they are business parters np you might have guessed. it is apple and samsung electronics p. they have entered another legal battle over smart phones and tablet computers. jury selection began at the feder
, let's seeow ts affecting markets. over on wall street, u.s. stock prices ended on aixmo. for details on how stocks are trading here in jan,e' intoo to ramin melonguard. markets back in full swing after independence day liy. how are tokyo stocks looking? >> let's go straight to the lelsctllth fday morning, and we can see exactly how we're kicking off here in tokyo following the u.s. and european markets, and bh des trang lower. 06foth nikkei can you remember, and 675 for the topix. a mechanics b ihe.s we did have the nasdaq trading actually unchanged onhe day, but it was helped by shares from apple and the dow andhe s&p 500 actually trading lower and that was weighed down by neti sentiment following some services data. i'll come tt isecond. slowing growth really is one of the keyoces across the globe, and that's really been proven by some of theenal ba mes that we've seen specifically china, of course of course cutting rates. the european central bank yesterday, thursday, cutting ras, as expected, and also the fos w is following the jobs numbers later today ith.s could the federal re
continues, and so did the killings. >> and middle east analyst and author joins us now in the studio to talk more about this. russians have warned that the conflict is becoming more sectarian. are we going to see an all-out civil war in syria? >> that is unfortunately indeed the past we see evolving. what started out as civil unrest against regime in justice and as a quest for change has now really become a full-fledged civil war -- what started out as civil unrest against regime injustice. this makes it so complicated to really solve the issue. there is the government that still assumes it can crush this rebellion, and there is an opposition that is getting stronger and stronger, militia- type of opposition, that also believes it can crush the regime militarily, but in both cases, it will not work. >> the west has been a constantly trying to ratchet up pressure, but china and russia are opposed to that. is there anything that can be done to get china to agree to increase the pressure? >> both china and russia worry that too many regimes in the region fall and become pro- western. syria and
>> syria has issued a very stark warning against any foreign interference, implying it would use chemical or biological warfare to combat any intervention from abroad. >> the warning comes as international pressure grows on the government to step aside from several fronts arab foreign ministers said offered president assad a safe exit if he resigns. >> but the syrian leader is showing he intends to remain in power, launching new counter offenses against rebel strongholds. our coverage begins on the ground in syria. >> this video posted on the internet is believed to have been filmed in aleppo. rebels said fierce fighting is continuing there and the capital damascus. pressure is mounting on president bashar al-assad. for the first time, the syrian government has indirectly raised the question of using chemical weapons inside syrian borders. >> these weapons that they possession of -- possess are monitored and guarded by the syrian army. these weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of external aggression against syria. >> syria has held stocks of chemical weapo
of their customers in europe and in the u.s. are caught up in the downturn. some are looking into emerging markets to find business opportunities. ai uchida joins us now. what are you hearing from people? >> we often hear about car makers going into china, india, thailand. now we're hearing car makers are betting their future also on russia. the country's car industry has been growing despite the european debt crisis. japan's mitsubishi motors join forces two years ago to set up a plant southwest of moscow. now their assembly lines have started full scale production. workers at the kaluga plant are churning out 125,000 vehicles per year. that's three times their initial output. executives at mitsubishi hopes to use the facility as a platform for the russian market. the global financial crisis stemming from the collapse of lehman brothers triggered a plunge in russian car sales in 2009. dealers only sold about 1.5 million cars, which is about half of what they did the year before. the sector has shown strong signs of recovery, though. salesmen sold about 2.6 million cars last year. >>> well, invest
armed forces will use them if foreign troops intervene in the conflict. foreign ministry spokesperson jihad responded to speculation by anti-government fighters and other countries that the syrian military could resort to using weapons of mass destruction. he acknowledged his country has chemical and bacterial weapons. he says they're in storage and under the supervision of armed forces. >> translator: any unconventional weapon that the arab public possess would never -- would never be used against civilians or against the syrian people during this crisis. >> he says syrian forces will only use the weapons country faces external aggression. syria has not ratified the chemical weapons convention. officials from western countries suspect the assad government has stockpiles of mustard gas. they have expressed fear the turmoil in syria could allow terrorist organizations to take possession of these weapons. >>> european union foreign ministers say they're concerned about the potential use of chemical weapons in syria. they're also trying to choke off the supply of conventiona
, the u.s. security council approved a 30-day extension for its monitoring mission in a syrian. they are part of kofi annan's peace plan to end the 16-month conflict. >> there is no sign of any peace in syria. thousands are fleeing the country. fighting between military and rebels intensifies. >> diplomatic pressure has failed to break the impasse at the u.n. security council. for now, that means no sanctions against the assad regime. but u.n. observers will be allowed to stay on in syria. russia remains adamantly opposed to any resolution that would impose an embargo on damascus. moscow is coming under increasing criticism for its hard-line stance. the foreign ministry rejects the resolution as one-sided. >> certain western countries are blaming russia in part for the escalation of violence in syria but this is absolutely unacceptable. instead of making rude insinuations about russian foreign policy, our western partners should be convincing the syrian opposition groups to find a political solution. >> but there's no evidence of that happening anytime soon. street fighting con
the slump in the united states. w pmpd by indications from the u.s. central bank said itil hold off on enhanced stimulus measures despite oniceaes here are the numbers, starting in frankfurt. beat -- the dax down. the eurto 50 down by an even ear ou. and the euro trading at a value of $1.2194. french carmaker peugot will be clinonf its plants near paris. explains the economic crisis. european leaders are cli is an economic earthquake. >> in the past, southern eope has been at major market for peugot's contact cards- compact cars. e company worries that turnover could plummet 10%. otr caon a set to undergo restructuring. peugot's ieexuteay the company is facing a difficult situation on the european market. the group has lost00ilon euros each month for the past year. it has also led to massive layoffs and the workers unit is unin morrost the union representative blames management. he says theomny has sacrificed for financial gain to benefit the peugot faly earlier this year the american car giant general motors struck an alliance with peugot. among other things, the companies are look
says it is essential to respond to the market's. >> they are giving us messages. if you ask me, it is a powerful question. will we be able, shall we be able? the answer is yes, of course. >> the market responded positively to draghi's words. that could ease pressure on struggling countries and by the time to rebuild the economies. >> the spanish team of-year bond yield is below 10% now and european bond shares went up 2%. the dax ended the day up by 2.75%. the dow jones up over 4%. a very good day obviously. we look across the atlantic -- the dow jones doing well, 12,882. the euro recovering from recent lows at the moment. we stay in the and the european commission president pledged to deliver on obligations to remain in the . >> that is right. in his first athens visit since the crisis started in 2009, bar asso met with greek and italian prime minister's to find ways to cut spending. >> meanwhile, athens is reviewing it greek austerity measures. the ecb has the power to decide whether greece has done enough. >> with a report on the austerity program in september, in the meant
, or hockey -- you should use a plastic eye shield. for other sports where you may get hit in the eye, goggles might be the ticket. if you swim, goggles that are watertight are a good idea. chemicals like chlorine can damage your cornea. >> i do track, so i don't need any eye protection for that. >> actually, you probably do. outdoor sports like track and skiing expose your eyes to the sun's harmful ultraviolet light. so look for goggles that give full protection against uva and uvb rays. >> my sister and i really love to go on the moguls. those bumps go really fast. >> hannah was wearing glasses under her ski goggles. she thought she was protected, but she wasn't. >> and then i just fell. one of my sides of the glasses that connects to your ear, it just broke off. >> when you're playing sports, and you're wearing glasses underneath your goggles, if you get hit in the face, the goggles can get compressed and then compress the glasses. the lenses are usually shatterproof, but the frames can break, and a broken frame near the eye can certainly damage the eye. >> that's why many athletes wear con
opposes disclosure laws because the super-rich just might be bullied and harassed by the rest of us who want to know who's buying our elections. so that the editorial page of "the wall street journal" asks us to have pity on billionaires and those little ol' corporations and their ceos who just might have their tender feelings hurt. if they were exposed to boycotts and pickets, were it known which candidates they were buying. wait a minute. weren't we taught the first amendment also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble and petition, even to boycott and picket? that's what a couple of hundred protesters were doing just the other day. they marched to the d.c. offices of american crossroads and crossroads gps. those are the right-wing money mills run by the mastermind of much of this massive fund-raising, karl rove. he's making a bundle himself buying and selling "free speech," while at the same time deploring the disclosure of big donors' names as "shameful" intimidation. exercising their first amendment rights, the demonstrators taped a kind of wanted poster on rove's office door
's international peace plan all but utile. -- futile. >> then the vetoes are another slap in the face for the u.s., which has tried several times to impose sanctions on the regime let's get more on this and go to our washington correspondent. where do we go from now? what does washington have in the works now that it has been blocked basically three times at the united nations? >> u.s. ambassador susan rice said that they would try to work as closely as possible with allies outside the security council to ramp up pressure on the assad regime. that could include measures like economic sanctions or financial sanctions against syrians who are on a so-called u.s. blacklist. that black list has been continuously in margin. i of those measures include military measures as well, it can be highly doubt it because the u.s. do not want to get involved in something like that, especially not in an election year. there could be one exception to that. >> there has been a lot of talk about the chemical weapons arsenal, and if assad used those chemical weapons against his own people, he would have to be held acc
are opting to wait for the release of that i new iphone model. the u.s. electronics giant said on tuesday that its quarterly net profits stood at $8.8 billion, and that is up 20% from a year ago. sales also jumped 22% to $35 billion. but the strong figures were still lower than many analysts had expected, that's because unit sales of the iphone fell 26% from the previous quarter. the hugely popular smartphone accounts for neither half of apple's total sales. many consumers postponed their purchase of the product. they have apparently been anticipating the launch of a new model in the near future. >>> meanwhile sales of the ipad tablet soared 84% compared to the previous year. its new model had just come out in march. apple's top executive, tim cook, expressed confidence in the firm's ability to boost its earnings further. he says apple will continue to launch innovative products. >>> now over in spain, the country's government bond market took a hit once again, sending bond yields to a record high. that's because investors expect the country's finances will take another step for the worse
. to the story of a warrior, told in his own words. what he has to say is for all of us to hear, but especially those of us who have never been in combat. karl marlantes, a small-town boy from oregon, the son of a soldier, a graduate of yale, landed in vietnam in october 1968, and was placed in charge of 1st platoon, charlie company, 1st battalion, 4th marine regiment. one year later he came home with two purple hearts, the navy cross, the bronze star, ten air medals, and memories that screamed at him. he finished his degree in philosophy at oxford on a rhodes scholarship and spent the next 30 years in business, all the while wrestling with the demons that came home with him. finally, in the late '90s, he asked the veterans administration for help, and began treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. two years ago he published a novel. he had been working on it ever since he came home from vietnam, "matterhorn," the story of a young 2nd lieutenant leading a rifle platoon of 40 marines on a remote jungle hill. critics called it "a powerhouse. tense, brutal honest," "unforgettable," "moving an
backing on sunday from the u.s. foreign ministry. he is going to saudi arabia to try to get some backing against the military. for him, the visit by the german foreign minister. >> thank you very much for that. >> western-leaning parties have taken early leads in libya's parliamentary poll. at the results hold up, they would counter the trend of islamist victories in egypt and tunisia. the final tally is not expected for days, but initial results from tripoli and benghazi show an emergent leave for the coalition led by jabril, the former prime minister of the rebel government. the muslim brotherhood is in second place. syria now and international peace envoy kofi annan says he has agreed to a new approach with president bashar assad to ending what assad himself has called all-out war in the country. kofi annan describes the latest round of talks as positive, but there has been no the escalation on the part of the syrian regime. >> army tanks continue to shell opposition stronghold on monday, with reports of more than 30 people killed. and in a rare television interview, the increasingly
, by the u.s., by qatar, by saudi arabia -- >> they are supported by the americans, by the u.s., by saudi arabia. >> you save the regime does have loyal forces, does have supporters. namely russia, for example. the vote at the u.n. security council has been delayed. it could possibly happen now on thursday. are you expecting any change in that vote because of what has happened in damascus? >> no way. nothing will change in the security council, and even if they did change, the two sides have decided to fight it out. >> russia has decided to use its veto power? >> yes, it will. even if it did not, the two sides would continue fighting. there is no diplomatic way right now to stop the country from entering a civil war. the only question is -- how long will it take? >> the white house says it now does not know the whereabouts of bashar al assad. what does that tell you? is it possible he has left the country? >> i do not think so. he will remain in the country. he has no place to go. his family has no place to go. he has so many supporters in the country that he has to take care of that i th
historic achievements. the team honored in audience with king juan carlos. >> joining us from the capital madrid is our correspondent there. what has been the mood there over the last 24 hours? >> love, it is a never-ending discotheque, it seems, because after a long, long night, they started very early celebrating here. their intraday by disc jockeys and famous singers, as you can maybe here from behind. the party goes on, and we are to welcome the spanish football team here. [inaudible] i will not imagine what the reactions are of thousands of people that are here. >> is it fair to say that the victory has offered some temporary psychological relief to the people who are suffering under the financial crisis in spain? >> yes, indeed. at least for the last four weeks. today, of course, and maybe the following days, it will be this nice moment to remember. but all the standards i talked to, they were so realistic and said the championship is over, and live continues. and tomorrow, we have to go back to work. then we are facing again all of our problems. but they join this great moment. may
. the u.s. accuses both countries of torching progress in this area and helping us not stay in power. >> senior politicians for more than 100 countries came from around the globe to the meeting in paris. french president francois hollande said half the world was represented, all with one goal in common. % in syria. but the meeting was overshadowed by who was not there. both russia and china did not attend. >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton called for more pressure on moscow and beijing. >> i do not thichina believe thg any price at all, nothing at all. for standing up on behalf of the assad regime. the only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgent -- urgently makes it clear that russia and china will pay a price. >> clinton says that without moscow and beijing's support, a concerted international move against the syrian regime is impossible. the syrian opposition is in disarray and there is little sign of either the opposition or the government putting down their arms in favor of dialogue. western powers warned that as long as the conflict
be on a course to collide with our planet. it might sound like a movie plot, but tyler tells us that nasa takes neos very seriously. in fact, all should. >> so, do you worry that something from outer space may crash into the earth? >> i think the chances are pretty slim. >> sometimes, like when i'm daydreaming in the middle of history class. >> no. i don't worry about something from outer space crashing into the earth. >> i don't worry about it a lot because i feel like we would have had a lot of warning from a lot of people and on the news, so i don't think that it's much to worry about. >> the universe isn't quite as empty as it seems. icy comets and rocky asteroids have been hurtling through space since time began. they're formed and propelled by explosions, collisions, and gravity. and they can be gigantic. this asteroid is 36 miles across. that's almost as wide as the state of rhode island. fortunately, most of these celestial wanderers are a lot smaller. >> pebble-sized objects hit the atmosphere on a daily basis. that's what you see when you see a shooting star. basketball-sized objects
correspondent has been following this story and joins us now from our parliamentary studios. what have you learned today? >> let me begin by telling you what i have not learned -- specifically why those files were destroyed, who gave the order for them to be destroyed, and was it part of a cover-up? that cannot be ruled out. we also do not know the full extent of the collision and collaboration between members of the intelligence community in germany and neo-nazis. lots of big questions that remain to be answered. we do know there was this decade-long series of hideous racially motivated crimes, and the perpetrators of those crimes went undetected for more than a decade. why? that is the question. because the police were not good at tracking them down. what we have learned today is that when the police turned to the intelligence agencies in germany, they did not get much support because the chief of those intelligence agencies has submitted -- admitted that his services was uncoordinated, was bureaucratic, and was heavy handed and blind in one night. that is the most important point. why d
as "war is a force that gives us meaning," his weekly column for the website "truthdig" and freelance articles for a variety of other publications, chris hedges has taken his life's experience covering the brutality of combat and shaped a world view in which morality and faith, and the importance of truth-telling, dissent and social activism take precedence, even if it means going to jail. welcome, chris hedges. >> thank you. >> tell me about joe sacco. he was your companion on this trip. and he was your, in effect, co-author. although he was sketching instead of writing. >> i've known joe since the war in bosnia. we met when he was working on his book, "gorazde." and i was not a reader of graphic novels. but i watched him work. and i certainly know a brilliant journalist when i see one. and he is one of the most brilliant journalists i've ever met. he reports it out with such depth and integrity and power, and then he draws it out. and i realized that an extremely important component of this book was making visible these invisible communities, because we don't see them. they're shut
in a suburb of the u.s. city denver. a gunman opened fire at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. police say 12 people are dead and 40 others are wounded. they've arrested a suspect. the shooting happed after midnight. people were watching the premiere o oththnenebabaan movie "theheararknight ris reses popoce say the s spepe held at lelet t o guns. a local rarao o ation reportrthe was wearing g gagamask and set off a smoke e t tr r s bomb. ergency crewewhaha rushed the e wowoded to the h hpipil.l. the injurereininude those whwh gogohuhu while trying totoscsce from the t tatat. is theater attacaccomes ononhehe heels s a ahohoininin alabama eaeaieiethis week thth w wndnd 17 people. >>> anti-government forces in syria are gaining more ground in their campaign to topple president bashar al assad's regime. they have been fighting on a number of fronts in the central part of the country and in the capital damascus. now they've seized several border crossings. the anti-government forces say they've taken control of some positions on the border with turkey. online video shows opposition members de
to turn out good young players. >> looking to adopt a dog? i've got the tips you need to know. >> which u.s. state would like to be your valentine? we'll get to the heart of the matter in this week's "flag facts." >> i'll tell you about some texas teens who share an extraordinary gift. >> coming up, i'll show you how to go from the fleece of a sheep to the wool of a scarf. >> that and lots more, right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> it's no secret that american teens need to get healthier. but that can be a challenge, especially because a lot of us like eating in places where food is fast and cheap. nicole tells us why some fast food can be a fast route to health problems later in life. >> i like cheeseburgers and fries. >> i'd have to say french fries. i like french fries. >> if i could find a really good hamburger... >> my favorite fast food would be onion rings because they're just really delicious. >> it tastes great, and it's pretty affordable. so what's the problem? >> well, there is a probl
of touch he is with public opinion. >> bear with us for a moment. we will come back to you in just a moment's time. all right, soccer was also on the agenda in berlin today -- above all, the question of how to solve the question of violence in germany's soccer stadiums. >> politicians met with representatives from 54 professional soccer clubs on a new code of behavior that will see troublemakers' band more quickly and more money for fan associations -- behavior that will see troublemakers banned more quickly. >> they may be banned, but they keep showing up. out-of-control fans are a growing problem. a low point was this game. fans stormed the field before the game was over in this playoff match. officials want to put a stop to this kind of access. the message at the conference was clear. >> we have to present a united front against violence. a zero tolerance policy from the new season on words -- onwards. >> the conference did not come up with any new proposals but did agree on a new code of conduct. fireworks remain banned, but the new head of the conference says a balanced needs to be str
in the history of markets." all this explains why i wanted to talk to sheila bair. she's a hero to many of us for her long fight for an honest and accountable banking system. after years working on capitol hill, at the treasury department, the new york stock exchange and the commodity futures trading commission, she was appointed by president george w. bush to head the federal deposit insurance corporation, the fdic. now as senior advisor to the pew charitable trust, sheila bair has just organized a private group of financial experts called the systemic risk council. among its members, former fed chairman paul volcker, former senators bill bradley and alan simpson, john reed, once the chairman of citigroup, and brooksley born, the former cftc chairman who back in the 1990s accurately predicted an economic meltdown. its mission, to prevent the banking industry from scuttling the reforms created by the dodd-frank act, and, hopefully, prevent another crash. she has a book coming out in late september about the need for reform called "taking the bull by the horns." she's also written two books fo
to its end. >> a government offshore told us they're considering establishing a department for the investigation in the new regulation agency which is going to start in september. there are still more questions than answers when it comes to the nuclear disaster. we will keep fueling the investigation and evaluations. >> thanks very much for that, hiroshi. for today's nuclear watch. >> people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 disaster but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles and their successes on "the road ahead" every wednesday, 1:00 p.m. japan time on "newsline." >> the u.s. economy grew and the department of commerce released preliminary gdp figures to june. consumer spending grew 1.5% in compared to the first quarter. disappointing figures due to jobs figures. the growth rates gained 2% during the first three months of the year. consumer accounts for 70% of economic activity. it grew 1.5% in the second quarter compared to the first quarter. dit disappointing f
governments and banks. finance chiefs from 17 eurozone nations are meeting in brussels about how to use a bailout fund to directly inject money into struggling banks. they're also discussing how to utilize the fund to stabilize bond markets for debt strapped countries facing high borrowing costs. the ministers are addressing the scale and conditions of financial support for spain. they're also weighing the greek government's request to relax the conditions for austerity measures. the eu imposed the measures in return for financial support but discussioned with spain are already behind schedule, and talks with the greek government have yet to begin in earnest. some observers speculate the finance ministers may have to meet again soon -- possibly next week. but one european politician has had enough. he feels leaders aren't discussing the right topics to begin with. what's the story? >> as that finance minister's meeting is going on in brussels, there is a heated debate of its own kinden in athens. they're talking about how hard the country should push to relax the austerity measures. a s
is that the regime might use chemical weapons or allow them to fall into the wrong hands. israel says if that happens, it will act. >> at the moment, we see the psyrians transfer chemical and biological weapons to hezbollah -- this is a red line for us, and from our point of view, we will act decisively and without hesitation or restraint. >> threats like that are likely to prompt more people to join the 100,000 who have already fled syria for the safety of neighboring countries. >> the egyptian president has announced a new prime minister for the country, and he is a u.s.-educated former official at the african development bank. he was the minister of water resources and irrigation in the outgoing military-appointed government. >> on his facebook pitch, it says he owned a doctorate. it is unclear how much power he will have, given the ongoing influence of the military. the german city health services to commemorate those who died in the love parade two years ago. the music festival used to be one of germany's biggest, attracting visitors from all over the web. >> but a mass panic in 2010 cost 21 vis
accused the west of effectively trying to use blackmail to secure a new solution to and syria's civil war. >> in syria itself, of violence escalates on monday. the fighting is spreading in the capital of damascus. the government's deployed -- the government deployed armored did -- vehicles in the city. >> this amateur video is said to show a fierce fighting between government forces and rebel fighters in the capital of damascus. now it seems the heaviest fighting is where it began. international leaders are stepping up pressure on syria's rival, russia. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov accused the west of strong arming moscow. >> we are seeing elements of black male much to our regrets. -- upblackmail -- of blackmail much to our regrets. i find this to be counterproductive and dangerous proposal. >> serious opposition and sharply criticized president assad's allies. the syrian national council of leaders are seeing russia and iran are helping fuel the violence. >> we're calling on russia and iran to respect the will of the syrian people and to stop supporting the cruel regime. t
expansion there especially in the advertising ctor. ramin, yahoo sathe perpetrators could use the released around 450,000 online.curity.g them to change passwords. this confid april it's attempt to restructure then in may board the chief executive offdegree. >>> all right. there have been no tokyo, karsai spoke need for pe components of most important of our responsibilities today. >> repor >> n't be peace unless the talk. we look into the >> reporter: getting the taliban to a conference table has proved difficently against reconciliation with the taliban. less than two months later, killed former t they were suspected thee been deadlocked. invaded afghanistan in 1979. london. go lisans agreed. but didn theirtaliban. do you the obama administration respo difficulties, but if it is their mil forces. but civilians. united natrd number. so there aical hat time they'll security a be done wi framework would work best to br >> this should befghan owned. on ameri sitting directl afghans for the because th will not g >> reporter: het take complete charge of negotiations wit
are closed for the independence day holiday in the u.s. he says that he is sorry, disappointed, and also angry. those are the words of barclays's ceo bob diamond as he testified before a u.k. parliamentary committee on wednesday. >> his company has been accused of manipulating the london-based libor rate, which banks use to lend money to one anothe. scandal has already cost three executives at barclays their jobs. >> diamond insists that the rating was isolated to only a few employees at the firm and that it is an industry-wide issue, possibly indicating the bank of england itself -- diamond insists that the rate rigging was isolated. >> he has become a symbol of greed and arrogance in the banking industry. committee members grilled him for hours, focusing on the role of britain's central bank in the crisis. lawmakers wanted to know whether the bank of england approved of barclays actions in 2008 in an effort to avoid further turbulence in financial markets. it is a grave allegation, and it could adversely affect london's financial reputation. the libor bench mark determines interest rat
marwa, nice to herself. afrigadhafi's the time has come for us to shape libya. the discri>> left over fromregime. it's is running. the lack ofhe problem. xpress themselveshe first time. take the first s democracy.ure, >> reporter: now that libyans have cast their first the dic up to the ambassador to transition, he is the vi of japan. wer. what is your interpretation of how the country's first free vote, first fretroubles, but ge successful affecting 2 years ofdictatorship. i appreciate their le. >> elections were going to take some any indication of how libyans 60%, of 3 million eligible voters cast their regimefailed. i'm sure that libya will p twist an established in that country. >> twist and turns, as you new nations? >> i normalmentors, in my time now libya i by source of energy forjapan's former ambassador to palestinian leader filing a her lawyers to build the case about the allegedance.in find out the eln thbainem i o a ahr enoc inatco if is spain's deadline to cut t fialefitnda 30 billion e fopanish a investors and pl players to see how they areng re eurmoing. the ytisc
gave us an informal fashion show. and don't worry, guys -- she included some tips for you, as well. this is lizzy, and lizzy is dressed a little bit too conservatively, a little too serious, old for her age. you know, it's a full suit. it doesn't really seem like it's young and fresh and doesn't show any of her personality. so now lizzy is dressed with a blazer, but she's doing it as a "do." this is actually a blazer from the kids' department, which is a great way to get a cute fit that looks young and fresh, but it's still professional, so we thought it looked great over this bright-colored dress. lizzy's dress is actually strapless, which isn't appropriate for the office, but when she leaves work, and maybe she's meeting friends, she can take off the jacket, and she still looks really great. altogether, i think she looks appropriate for her first day at an internship. this is lauren, and lauren's "don't" is a too-short skirt. she almost looks inappropriate for the beach. she has flip-flops on, a tank top, and it's a bit too casual. it doesn't look professional. she doesn't look l
toear meaning selli term government see meeting is european an gsentiment. in a i impact. u.s. range today ahead of t lso today. ined also theyrporate wel as we earnings. it was down nearly 8% on wednesday. so that's awhat the perhaps chae market is having an impa leveontinues in japan. e u.s. w financial institutions and of course everybody will be waiting for the afterupdate. looks like in the nikkeilet's see how they are do. japan's foreign minister koichiro gemba and h thed by taiwan and china. of three chinese patrol boats some of the islands l tory. he said peaceful and stable control of the islands is im yang countries including islands in south china sea. yang said the issues should be resolvdeclared islands off ho at a meeting of the ruling united russia party on wednesda the islands are an extremely promised residents the government will build sports and health facilities on two of ther the peacejapan launch masaharu kono called it very regrettable, sayin>>> south pub it. koreans aren't afraid to take to the streets to let their leaders know how they feel this time they are
to libor. out that the fed is ready to take further act and over in the u.s. leading u.s.hole business yearintel net profit was down 4.3% to about and that ue largelychw, looking ahead, intel says sales growth for the entire year will likely be limited to 3% to 5% and that is changing demand among end users, intel has built a new plant to make thin a check on the on tuesday. are reacting. we're going to go toramin mellegard for that at the tokyo before seeing over there this bernanke's comment annoearnings. we had earnings frdata industrialexpecting. also a house ent, so helped translating into the topi levels are pretty percentikkei ended just a touch higher yesterday but rea exporters weighing on lit lg above market expect brokerages here. however, on. profits for stocks as well. the dollar again, testimony to 79.02-03. it was trading around 78 yesterday. the upper 96 yen levels yesterday. just a touch weaker against the dollar and the ngs and economicght? >> yes definitely. as far asmes. google, s in the u.s. later next. back to you, ai. ramin, thanks a lot are
's argument had "injured us more, and has been as great a barrier to our emancipation as any thing that has ever been advanced against us," for it had " sunk deep into the hearts of millions of the whites, and never will be removed this side of eternity." so, the ideal of equality jefferson proclaimed, he also betrayed. he got it right when he wrote about "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." as the core of our human aspirations. but he lived it wrong, denying to others the rights he claimed for himself. and that's how jefferson came to embody the oldest and longest war of all -- the war between the self and the truth, between what we know and how we live. so enjoy the fireworks and flags, the barbecues and bargain sales. but hold this thought as well -- that behind this fourth of july holiday are human beings who were as flawed and conflicted as they were inspired. if they were to look upon us today they most likely would think as they did then, how much remains to be done. with those contradictions of american history in mind, this seemed a good time to talk with khalil gibran muh
officials believe it is the right path. our brussels correspondent spoke to us earlier. >> the european commission spokesperson welcomed the announcement by mariano rajoy, but would not comment on the details. they said that the measures looked decisive. what is clear is that the spanish government is following the eu's recommendations. they say that spain has to increase its tax revenues and also shift the tax burden from taxes on labor and income more to consumption. that is what is happening now. also -- also, spanish prime minister mariano rajoy announced that the retirement age will gradually increase to 67 years over the next 15 years. a lot is happening, but a lot more is needed. they are asking spain to do more to tighten and employment, especially amongst young people, to do more to improve the structural systems and get structural reforms under way. brussels does not want spain to enter into even deeper recession. they're watching closely what spain is doing. >> time to take a look at once the's market numbers. -- at a wednesday's market numbers. let's begin with frankfurt. th
and gloom on all sides. tell us more about economists and what they are really saying. >> the report was commissioned by an american think tank, financed largely by the very controversial hedge fund manager george soros, it is hardly surprising that the report is critical of the new crisis management. the most surprising thing is the extent to which it agrees with angela merkel. for example, in opposing the introduction of eurobonds and also in warning against the european union becoming a transfer union. >> what is the german government's expected response? >> i do not think the german government will react directly to this. the ideas are not new. they belong to mainstream american economic thinking. chancellor merkel is aware of them, of course, and is not convinced by them. far more important is the possible influence of moody's, warning that germany could lose its aaa rating because of its exposure to weak southern european economies. that will strengthen chancellor merkel's resolve not to give any more cash to greasece until it elements reforms. i think there's probably secretly
foreign minister has been in cairo pushing for democracy. the u.s. is calling for dialogue between the two sides. is that going to happen? >> it may be more important from the minute -- and the mystery from a few days ago. he has gone to saudi arabia, so this is important to him ending the struggle with the military because the military holds the key for the state institution of military. >> thank you very much for that. an international peace envoy kofi annan says he should be part of the solution to the crisis in syria. after talks with the leadership in tehran, he said he had received support to resolve the conflict peacefully. >> iran's foreign minister welcome date the envoy's efforts but warned that a solution needed to be found quickly to prevent the conflict spreading to other parts of the region. the u.s. and many other european countries have strongly opposed any involvement of iran in the quest for peace. a court in israel has found the former prime minister guilty of breach of trust. >> but the judge has cleared him of more serious charges of corruption. these were surrounding
in the 6.9% in june compared to the previous month. that is better than the forecast. >>> the u.s. commerce building of got under way last month on a season market watchers had expected the highest in three uction of apartments and other permi it which is a key factor for an economic recovery track. ck price mpin at was due not only to hou market consensus, but also the positive sentiment stemming from good earnings reports. to see how at the tok ibm raised its outlook for this effect let's not af . quite a focus there on pc and hi is playing into opening both indexes for both indexe
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